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Our new season information is now available by clicking the link below! Please get in contact if you are interested in joining and we can schedule a start date for you.


Our Competition teams are now closed to new members until Easter but we are still taking new members in all of our recreational classes. Please get in contact if you are interested in joining.

Club Schedule

Adult Classes - Ages 18+
Adult Classes - Ages 18+<br>
Mondays 7-9pm

Our adult team will have many performance and competitive opportunities throughout the season. With athletes from many backgrounds, we cater to a wide range of abilities and offer a challenge to anyone who wants to push themselves! Contact us for information on how you can join!

Competition classes cover all areas of cheerleading including Gymnastic Tumbling, Acrobatic Stunting and Cheer Dance.

Cheerleading - Ages 9-17
Cheerleading - Ages 9-17<br>
Thursday 5-7pm, 7-9pm

Our Thursday cheerleading classes have our younger athletes putting together a routine to compete and perofmrance through the season. Thse classes are suitable for those who have prior experience of cheerleading, gymnastics or dance and also people who are completely new to cheerleading.

Competition classes cover all areas of cheerleading including Gymnastic Tumbling, Acrobatic Stunting and Cheer Dance.

Junior 2 - Ages up to 14
Junior 2 - Ages up to 14<br>
Fridays 5-7pm

Following the growth of our Junior 1 team and incredible progress with tumbles we will be offer this higher level team to allow athletes more opportunities to compete the higher level skills that they have been working on.

This team will be focused on putting out a routine that is able to max out the scoresheet. Members of this team will be expected to be able to, or be progressing towards, performing flicks / back handsprings. Limited spaces will be made for individuals who excel in other areas.

This team is tryout based and their are two opportunities per year to join the team. Members of the club will be able to tryout mid-season and we will advertise tryouts publicly at the beginning of each year.

Open Non-Tumble 3 - Ages 18+
Open Non-Tumble 3 - Ages 18+<br>
Fridays 7-9pm

Non-Tumble is a newer division introduced to cheerleading in the past few years. These routines are not scored on their tumbling and a larger proportion of the scoresheet is dedicated to stunting. For people that are keen to work higher level stunting skills this is the team for you!

You will be expected to progress your abilities by attending additional trainings, being part of additional teams or through personal fitness. The cost of open gym will be included with this team and you will expected to regularly work with your groups following training.

This team is tryout based and there are two opportunities per year to join the join the team. We will advertise tryouts publicly but if you are interested in joining please get in touch.

Cheer Skills - Ages 9-17
Cheer Skills - Ages 9-17<br>
Mondays 5-7pm

Our cheer skills sessions work on all the skills required for allstar cheerleading, without the commitment of joining a full team. Without needing to work on a competitive routine, more time is allocated to working on personal goals and targets.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending as a currently registered or completely new member.

Gymnastics Classes - Ages 5-17
Gymnastics Classes - Ages 5-17<br>
Saturday Mornings/Afternoons

We offer both recreational and tumbling gymnastics groups for all abilities levels whether you have been doing gymnastics for years or are completely new! All groups will work on our profiency scheme and perform at our internal showcases.

Please use the contact form below to let us know if you are interested in joining!

Open Gym - Ages 17+
Open Gym - Ages 17+<br>
Fridays 9-10pm

Open Gyms are back! Current members of the club can attend this session for free if they want additional training. Members from affiliated clubs are also welcome to attend this session for £2 per session provided we have a completed registration form.

Please note that this session is uncoached and all members are responsible for the skills they are working on.

Training Facilities

Millthorpe School Gymnasium, York

All of our classes are held at Millthorpe School Gymnasium. There are two streets that provide access to the school:  Philadelphia Terrace and Nunthorpe Avenue. The entrance off Philadelphia Terrace provides parking access although it is possible to walk around the school to the Gymnasium from Nunthorpe Avenue.
Millthorpe School, Nunthorpe Avenue, York
YO23 1WF


All of our sessions are led by qualified staff. We are DBS checked, safeguarding aware and have first aiders on site.