COVID-19 Information
Due to COVID-19 we are introducing new policies and procedures to ensure that we can remain safe while still offering excellent training opportunities for local athletes. We are currently following guidance from the Government, SportCheer England and Sport England. This page provides additional information to help you understand how we will be applying these guidelines.

From 6th September, the club will train at:

Level 0

Response Levels
Response Level­ Description
Level 4­ Solo or household training­ (video training allowed)­
Level 3­ Outdoor sessions with limited participants (only where organised privately)­
Level 2 Indoor session­s with social distancing to 2m and enhanced procedures. Crossovers allowed across days / families­
Level 1­ Stunting begins following 'Rule of 6' and keeping smaller bubbles.
Level 0­ Normal training schedule with relaxed procedures

What does Level 0 mean?

All resitrctions are removed and we will train as normal. We are still monitoring cases of COVID-19 and asking that all parent and participants remain vigilant when identifying the symptoms and testing of COVID-19.

Test & Trace

If a participant has tested positive for COVID-19 then you should inform the club so that we are aware of absense and can advise members that have been in contact. You should continue to monitor for symptoms and test regular to ensure we can catch cases early and prevent further infection.

What does Level 1 mean?

All rules from Level 2 are in place with the following modifications:

General Changes

Face coverings are not required although participants are welcome to wear a face covering for any reason

Stunting and Close-Contact Rules

Groups will be kept consistent in the session and across sessions where possible, minimising the number of interacting participants
Stunting, pyramid work and close-contact elements can be carried out with risk mitigations and should be limited to a maximum of 15minutes close contact at a time with a clear break for athletes and coaches to wash/sanitise hands and any equipment to reduce droplet and fomite transmission.

What does Level 2 mean?

Classes will be running again but with an adapted timetable and additional policies and procedures in place. These changes will ensure that we can train safely while still taking part in the sport.

General Changes

Classes will be reorganised to remove crossover between cheerleading groups and minimise exposure to participants.
Class size is monitored to ensure that participants / coaches can remain socially distant. Classes may split to accommodate social distancing.
Additional buffer time is included between sessions. Participants should not arrive more than 5minutes early and should leave / be picked up promptly.
Participants must queue outside the gym following current social distancing rules. You will be invited into the gym by a member of staff.
All participants must wash hands for 20seconds using the soap and sinks outside before entering and after leaving the gymnasium.
No spectators are allowed in sessions to minimise exposure to participants and coaches.
A self-assessment is administered to all participants to ensure the athlete should not be self-isolating or has symptoms of coronavirus.
The changing rooms will not be in use and only one person is allowed to the toilet facilities at a time .
All staff are required to wear a face covering while coaching (cloth mask, face shield or other).
Social distancing to 2m is implemented in all sessions. Coaches may support athletes in limited scenarios where there would be risk of injury.
Limited equipment will be used in each session. Equipment will be sanitised before, during and after each session.
Participants will be asked to sanitise their hands throughout the session
Participants are not required to wear a face covering but they may wear one if they choose to do so.

Rules for attending your session

DO NOT attend your session if you or a member of your household has symptoms of coronavirus.
DO NOT attend a session if you have been advised to self-isolate due to coming into contact with someone with coronavirus symptoms.
DO make sure that your contact details are up to date on LoveAdmin.
DO arrive ready to train with correct clothing, distinct water bottle and having went to the toilet before leaving
DO arrive as close as possible to your session start time.
DO follow good advice on minimising risk to coronavirus (do not touch your face, cough / sneeze into your elbow, etc.)
DO leave the school premises promptly after your session has finished.

Test & Trace

If a club member has symptoms of coronavirus within 48hours of attending a session you must inform us and follow the government Test & Trace procedure.
Everyone who attended the session will be anonymously informed of a suspected case of COVID-19 and will be advised to self-isolate.
The Test & Trace team will then contact us with advice on how to proceed in the case of positive or negative test results.
If a club member develops symptoms of COVID-19 during a session they will be isolated and their parent / guardian will be informed.
We will then follow the above procedure.

COVID-19 Policy

By attending a session you understand the risks associated with coronavirus. While we shall be following all the above procedures to ensure that the risk of infection is minimised we cannot guarantee that participants will not develop symptoms of COVID-19 while attending a session.
If you cannot attend a session due to COVID-19 we will be unable to refund any fees.
If a session is cancelled due to COVID-19 we will be unable to refund any fees. We will contact you with alternative training that you can perform at home.

What does Level 4 mean?

All training will be moving online. Videos links will be sent out to training groups before each session so that we can keep training through lockdown.
Our timetable will be adapted to allow for the best use of time when training. Online classes may not match up with your usual training times.

When attending your session

Make sure to have a clear area to exercise in and be vigilant of the space around you.
Wear appropriate clothing to be able to exercise in.
Arrive on time so that you are adequately warmed up for the full session.
Listen to your body. If you feel you may be at risk of injury performing particular exercises then adapt as neccessary.
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